The Extra Point Used In The Study Is Weiwanxiashu.

The.ction.or.cupuncture.ay be associated with central nervous system activity, and patients with CBS pathology may respond differently to treatment than the general population. Other supplements are sometimes used as treatments for nerve pain. Acton Neurosci 2010; 157: 81-90. This condition includes numbness, burning, tingling, muscle weakness, loss of balance and consistent or sporadic pain. SchrÃder S et al. Your acupuncturist may do an interview and ask questions about how, what, where and when you feel pain, perspire, sleep, eat, drink and exercise, to name a few. The nerve damage that causes pain can also result in muscle weakness. Sixteen patients 76% in the acupuncture group improved symptomatically and objectively as measured by NBS, while only four patients in the control group 15% did so. EA was shown to increase ovarian blood flow via ovarian sympathetic nerves in rats  54 . The aetiology of peripheral neuropathy N often remains elusive resulting in a lack of objective therapeutic strategies. Their results suggest that acupuncture mobilises the functionally anti-correlated networks of the brain to mediate its actions, and that the effect is dependent on the psychophysical response. In addition to acupuncture, patients may want to take advantage of other integrative therapies for peripheral neuropathy, such as naturopathic medicine, chiropractic care and oncology rehabilitation . Needling of LI-2, one of several acupoints used to treat xerostomia, is associated with neuroimaging changes correlated to saliva production  58 . J alter Complement Meg 2004; 10: 449-55. Diabetic neuropathy is discussed in the Type 2 diabetes mellitus Factsheet. Working with a physical therapist can help reverse that -- and might help reduce pain in the process. It's been used to help control migraine pain, epilepsy seizures, high blood pressure, and other common problems. These damaged nerves acupuncture courses result in the loss of sensation and function, usually in the outer extremities such as the hands and feet. They might also help treat the underlying cause of your nerve pain -- particularly with diseases like diabetes .

Or try other approaches -- like yoga, meditation, or deep breathing -- that will help you relax. The extra point used in the study is Weiwanxiashu. They discuss potential clinical application to disease states including chronic pain, major depression, schizophrenia, autism, and Alzheimer's disease. The following acupuncture point vignettes present traditional indications and functions of the acupuncture points used in the study according to Traditional Chinese Medicine ACM principles. Journal of Thai Traditional & Alternative Medicine 10.3 2013: 177-186.

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